Ep 16 Pastor Zach Bond

03. October 2016 Uncategorized 0
Pastor Zach Bond is currently serving at Tapestry Church of the Nazarene and Friendship House in Durham, North Carolina. We caught up with Zach and his roommate, Nathan Freshwater, in a park near Duke Divinity School. You can get in touch with Zach at zachlanebond@gmail.com.

15 Rev Dr Deirdre Brower Latz

26. September 2016 Uncategorized 2
Rev Dr Deirdre Brower Latz is currently serving as the principal of Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, England. She references an article and a podcast: From Tara Beth Leach, I Don’t Fit the Senior Pastor Mold http://www.christianitytoday.com/gifted-for-leadership/2016/september/i-dont-fit-senior-pastor-mold.html From Malcom Gladwell, Revisionist History: The Lady Vanishes http://revisionisthistory.com/episodes/01-the-lady-vanishes

Ep 14 Pastor Rachel James

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This episode was recorded a while back and Pastor Rachel James is currently serving in Carnegie Nazarene Church in Oklahoma. This episode is sponsored by the Nazarene Student Center on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. Check them out at ounsc.org, or on social media @theounsc.