Ep 19 Rev Robbie Cansler

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Rev Robbie Cansler is the lead pastor and church planter of Hammond Mission Church of the Nazarene in the Chicago metro.  Check out her blog at http://hammondmissionchurch.blogspot.com/.

Ep 18 Rev Michael Palmer

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Rev Michael Palmer is the pastor of Living Vine Church in Napa, California. He’s interviewed by TNL friend, Jason Smith. You can email Michael at mryanpalmer85@gmail.com. This episode is sponsored by the Nazarene Student Center at the University of Oklahoma. Committed to sharing Christ’s love with the students at OU the OUNSC is meeting them ...

Ep 17 Rev Emily Haynes

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Rev Emily Haynes and her daughter, Daily. Rev Haynes is the co-lead pastor of Kaleo Nashville with her husband, Caleb. This episode is sponsored by North Street Community Church of the Nazarene. North Street is a Christian community on the south shore of Boston shaped through local and global partnerships, practicing neighbourly care and concern, ...