2.6 Fr Richard Rohr

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Fr Richard Rohr was the special guest at the 2017 year’s Young Clergy Conference (at youngclergycon.com). Rev Jason Smith interviewed him between sessions. TNL is a production of Young Clergy Network: devoted to listening to, collaborating with, and empowering young pastors. Anyone can join the network for free over at youngclergy.net for access to free resources ...

#YoungClergyCon Recap

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YCC2017 is the promo code for the Center for Pastoral Leadership (good for the month of April 2017). In this episode, Jason and Brit recap the conference and their hopes for the future of Young Clergy Network. Check out the network website at YoungClergy.net.

2.5 Rev Dr Carla Sunberg

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2.5 Rev Dr Carla Sunberg
Rev. Dr. Carla Sunberg is the President of Nazarene Theological Seminary and Professor of Historical Theology. She’s a total rockstar and we hope you love her as much as we do! Love TNL? Do us a favor and review us on iTunes or your favorite podcast app!

2.4 Rev Jen Chapman

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2.4 Rev Jen Chapman
Rev Jen Chapman from Nexus Community in Dallas, Texas. This episode is literally pastors in a car getting coffee. Today’s episode is sponsored by North Street Community Church of the Nazarene. North Street is a Christian community on the south shore of Boston shaped through local and global partnerships, practicing neighbourly care and concern, and ...

2.3 Rev Chris Nafis

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2.3 Rev Chris Nafis
Rev. Chris Nafis is the lead pastor of Living Water Nazarene in San Diego, California. This episode is sponsored by the Nazarene Student Center at the University of Oklahoma. Committed to sharing Christ’s love with the students at OU the OUNSC is meeting them wherever they are. For more information about the Nazarene Student Center ...

2.2 Rev Janary Suyat de Godoy

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2.2 Rev Janary Suyat de Godoy
Rev. Janary Suyat de Godoy is the Asia-Pacific regional NYI coordinator in Okinawa, Japan. This episode is sponsored by Mission New York. Mission New York exists to support church planters for the Church of the Nazarene in Manhattan – you should totally go join them! Check out the Mission New York fb page for more ...

2.1 Rev Chris Branigan

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2.1 Rev Chris Branigan
Welcome back to This Nazarene Life! We’re kicking off Season 2 with Rev. Chris Branigan, Lead Pastor at Grace Tabernacle in Forth Worth, TX. He shares his journey through bold prayers, craigslist, a funeral home and beyond. And hey, it’s not too late to sign up for our conference for young pastors. Young Clergy Conference ...

Ep 24 Rev Brit Bolerjack

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Jason Smith once again guest-hosts This Nazarene Life, this time to interview Rev Brit Bolerjack, producer of TNL and co-College and Community Pastor along with her husband, Rev Aaron, at OKC First church of the Nazarene. Brit references Life Rhythm Theory by David Drury at http://www.drurywriting.com/david/05-LifeRhythmTheory.htm, Young Clergy Conference at youngclergycon.com, missioncorps.org, and The 2 ...

Ep 23 Rev Jared Henry

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Rev Jared Henry is the senior pastor of Lafayette Church of the Nazarene in Lexington, Kentucky. Just in time for the holidays, we’re pleased to offer our lightweight canvas tote bags with the TNL for $15 each with free shipping in the US. Check them out at thisnazlife.com/store while supplies last. This episode is sponsored ...

Ep 22 Pastor Lucy Kimani

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Pastor Lucy Kimani from University Church at Africa Nazarene University, currently on study leave at Nazarene Theological Seminary. This episode is sponsored by the Nazarene Student Center at the University of Oklahoma. Committed to sharing Christ’s love with the students at OU the OUNSC is meeting them where ever they are. For more information about ...