BONUS #YCC2017 Rev Megan Pardue

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BONUS #YCC2017 Rev Megan Pardue

In this #YoungClergyCon bonus episode, Rev Megan Pardue speaks a challenging word calling us back to our denominational roots. For more compelling content like this, join the! There you’ll find member resources, digital downloads, and lots more to come.

Thanks for all you do for young pastors and thanks for tuning in!

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    Rev. Andrew D. Marshall on May 25, 2017 Reply

    Thank you for this important message. As the pastor of a church undoing the previous flights to the suburbs by relocating to the urban core of our city, Pastor Megan’s message resonated with me. We have a middle-class aversion to discomfort and inconvenience. But the way of Jesus is the way of suffering, particularly inviting the suffering of others into our lives. The suffering of the addict, immigrant, and outsider is ours because theirs is the suffering of Christ.

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    Denise Casner on June 13, 2017 Reply

    Challenging, for sure! As a lifelong Nazarene and pastor’s daughter who attends a church trying to make much needed changes to refocus on reaching the lost in a very secular geography, I can only pray that we all learn to see the lost in every socioeconomic and people group. Should we welcome and care for the poor, the sick, the homeless, the refugee, the addict, etc…..absolutely! Too many of our churches have forgotten that for too long. But let’s be careful about putting on our pious faces because we focus on the downtrodden. Let’s not neglect to also reach those who need Jesus that do have their two car garages. Many are hiding. Hiding from the poorness of their spirits; hiding the sickness of their souls; hiding their deep loneliness and their addictions. They need Jesus the Nazarene too. The One who reached out to the wealthy tax collector and the government official to help them see His Father’s love is for them too. We need to be missional for all and not assume one person or group needs Jesus any more or less than another.

    Beautiful, thought provoking, message Megan! May your “tribe increase”.

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